Wednesday, December 6, 2017

...Until Our Old Age... Pt. Three...

Waking up early one morning, I hear the distinct beeping that can only mean one thing, another facebook message. Why! I ask, why is it always me who receives these endless request? Over and over again they come, one after another, and they seem to never end; However, before I can answer my own question, I receive yet another "ding" from facebook messenger, deciding that I would read through all the messages at a later time, I place my phone on the night stand and proceed to complete my morning routine, beginning with prayer.

(The Holy Word of God)
While brushing my teeth, I begin to think to myself, just how wonderful it is that the Lord had placed me in this position, that He would allow me to be His hands and feet upon the earth, wow, and that those in need would choose to reach out to me, what an honor, truly amazing. After completing the morning routine of reading the Word, and thanking the Lord for the day, I grabbed my phone and began to scan through, and reply to the morning’s messages. Suddenly, I came across one that just stood out to me, it was a request for me to head over to a local hospital, to visit with the family of one of our former church members. After reading through the text, I asked the young lady to supply any pertinent information so that I could visit the family later that afternoon.

After arriving to the hospital, and struggling to find parking, I quickly searched out the elevator, went up to the specified floor, walked down the hallway, and entered the room. As I entered, it was clear to see that this would not be just your average hospital visit, there was such a spirit of faith in the room, it was palatable and thick, a heavenly aroma. Looking around, I spot an older gentleman sitting in a chair, his hair is thinning, and clean shaven face is slightly wrinkled; yet, as he stood up and shook my hand, it was clear to see and feel that his many years working in the healthcare field hadn’t weakened him one bit, and his faith in God had strengthened his soul.

(Aunt Violet)
The gentleman, we will call uncle John, introduced himself to me as I did the same, before informing him that his niece had asked me to come by to pray for both he and his wife, who we shall refer to as, aunt Violet. Now, here comes the most amazing part of the story, and the reason I chose to share this story with you is that I was so touched by what came to next. After I outlined the plan for the visit: chat, bible verse, and finally prayer, uncle John began to describe to me how his wife had fallen down, resulting in several injuries, and an extended stay there in the hospital. As I listened to him speak, it was very easy to hear the love he had for this his wife of over fifty years, and this woman, was the same girl he had met and loved loved since he was just fourteen years old. As uncle John spoke, aunt Violet lit up, and they both began to share stories of their youth, how they had met, traveled the world, and witnessed the birth of children, grand children, and great grand children, they were so in love, and that day, they still were, shining as examples for all to see.

In amazement, I listened to their many stories, I could literally hear the love in their voices and see the passion in their eyes as they gazed upon one another. As if they were teens sharing their first kiss, they glared at one another, and spoke to, with, and about one another with love. As this couple, this example of what true love should be, continued to describe the love they had shared, year after year, I began to to visualize in my mind, what it must have been like, to go on your first date in a 1949 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, or to take a ride, side by side in a Tri-Five 210, and they had done it, together. As the years passed by, and the future dreams became their own reality, they continued to love one another, they continued even unto their old age.

Proverbs 5:18-19 KJV
Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe... and be thou ravished always with her love...

Ecclesiastes 9:9 KJV
Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which He hath given thee under the sun...

You see, although I had arrived that day to encourage and pray fo this couple, uncle John and aunt Violet, whom counted between them many years, it was I who was encouraged, it was I who was uplifted, and it was I who received a Word from the Lord. Too many times, we as a people tend to overlook the benefits that those of the hoary hair have to offer us, even as I was walking into the room on that sunny October afternoon, I thought that it was I who was about to Bless this couple; however, it was I who received it. 

Bishop Kenneth Phillips, pastor of Promiseland Church, often exclaims from the top of his lungs that we must make up our dying bed, and that it is of the utmost importance that each day, we live our lives for and with Jesus. That we must know, without a doubt, that when we die, we will make it to heaven, and that we lived our lives as closely to the example Christ had left us as possible.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “why is this guy talking about death?” Well, because only a few weeks after meeting this wonderful couple, I accompanied uncle John to the funeral of his beautiful wife, after a simple fall, her health began to swiftly deteriorate, and she passed away, quietly in the same hospital in which I first met her, only a few blocks from her home. You see, we are not promised tomorrow, and in all actuality, we are not even promised today, and so it is imperative that we work out our Salvation with fear and trembling, we must follow the path that this couple has driven through woods, troubles, and storms of life.  We must Love God, and we must Love others; we must love our spouse, and we must do our best to keep the Love young and strong, by doing this, we can honor those who have gone before us, and we can honor our God, for it is He who watches over us, even unto our old age...

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Even To Your Old Age... Pt.2 Righteousness

The word Elderly, can have a negative connotation in today's society, especially amongst the young people of this generation; however, it is my belief, that if we would just take a moment to see that they, those with the hoary hair, are in actuality, some of our greatest of assets, full of knowledge and experience, it would be very advantageous for us all. According to the website,, the word elderly simply means: old, or of advanced age; however, it is clear that to God, those who are elderly serve an entirely different purpose. Moses, Abraham, Zacharias, all of these men were considered old and elderly; yet, they are important individuals in the Christian Faith, even Sarah, who fulfilled the promise of children for Abraham, all of these, great individuals, spoken of even to this day, even in their old age, served the Lord...

Proverbs 16:31
The hoary (Grey) head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness...


A crown of Glory? yes, this is what it is to have a head covered in grey hair, and yes, we have all probably known a few individuals who have “greyed” before their time, the most common manner in which one would  attain this “Crown of Glory” is to earn it throughout our years lived upon the earth. Before moving further, let us place into proper perspective, the second part of this verse which states that only if it, being the grey hair, be found in the way of Righteousness, it is a crown of Glory, any other way, and it is only an example of pain, adulthood stress, and the tole of time on the human body.

Now that we have established what it is to be elderly according to the definitions of this world, and of the Bible, we must delve into the concept of Righteousness described here in Proverbs 16:31 as it is an important aspect of the Crown of Glory. Once again, we will be referring to a great resource, and their definition of Righteousness. Righteousness: the state of being righteous, or righteous conduct, now in order to determine what we are looking at here, allow me to look into the root word of Righteousness, which is the word Righteous. Morally right, justifiable, characterized by uprightness, or morality, these are a few of the definitions listed for the word righteous; however, the unadulterated truth is that Righteousness is of the Lord, and no man can attain true Righteousness outside of a real and honest relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord.

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from a friend, who happens to be the mother of another good friend, whom we shall call Jane. Jane at one time acted as a surrogate mother to me and many others in our old neighborhood. As one may expect, as time passes, relationships can sometimes change in ways never before expected in the past, and this was one of those situations. When I was a younger man, going all the way back to my teen years, I had a tendency to get trouble from time to time, and when I did, Jane would sometimes be the woman I would call in an attempt to prevent my own mother from discovering the trouble I was in. Fast forward several years, and now Jane, a woman I call mom, was calling to ask for help as I once called to ask for her assistance, and so I answered, and I listened to hear what it was I could do for her.
(Old Age Is A Gift)

Upon answering the phone, I could hear sadness in Jane's voice,  in response, I began to speak softly to her, reassuring her, that whatever the problem was, I was more than willing to help. As she began to speak, I began to understand what it was that she needed, grandma was sick, and not doing well, approaching the eldest of the elderly years, grandma had realized that she hadn’t been baptized, and her request was to be Baptized into the Kingdom, and I quickly volunteered, I told Jane that it would be my honor and pleasure to baptize grandma.

A few days later, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, grandma was baptized.  What does any of this have to do with Righteousness? Well, in actuality, it has a lot to do with Righteousness, you see, if we are not Righteous in the sight of God, we are not deemed worthy to be in His presence; therefore, we are cast away, far from Him, into the pits of hell. But, and there is always a BUT: if we are to live with the Lord in Heaven, and if we are to become the Hands and Feet of the Lord here in Austin, Texas, USA, or anywhere else, we must first take a few steps in the right direction. According to the Word of God, we must repent of our sins, we must give our lives to God, we must be baptized, we must honor the things of God, and we must be filled with the Holy Ghost.  In order to please the Lord we must continue to study the Word and unite in Prayer, we must understand that Jesus Christ is our source, and our Righteousness.

Righteousness? What does any of this have to do with Righteousness? You see, although grandma was up in age, she chose to give her life to Christ, she accepted Him as her Lord, Savior, and King, she was Baptized according to the Word of God and the scriptures, she was washed clean, and became brand new, Righteous in the sight of God and man, washed by, covered by, and filled with the Power of the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ our Lord was beaten far beyond recognition, battered and bruised, and it is that Blood that was shed on Calvary Hill that has become the source of our Righteousness, and it was that blood that has made grandma’s grey hair, a Crown of Glory, and it that same Blood that can wash away our sin, making us brand new at any age.

Unfortunately, only one week after her baptism, grandma passed away; however, because she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, and because she followed the tenants of the Lord, she  has undoubtedly been accepted into heaven to be with our eternal Lord and Father, Jesus Christ the Lord, and Messiah. So what about you? What if you only had one night? What would you do if you knew that you’d go to sleep tonight, and not wake up in the morning? Not possible you think? Well, this is exactly what happened recently at our church, a wonderful woman of faith by the name of Dolores attended our Friday evening service, I saw her, spoke to her, and witnessed her praying in the Alter before I went home that evening; however, early Saturday morning, she had passed on to be with the Lord. So, what about you? Would you be ready? Do you have any idea where you would go if death, rudely, busted down your door and ripped you away from your family? In the presence of God, there will be no iniquity, no sin, only Righteousness, and the only way to achieve Righteousness to follow the example set before us by the hoary grey hairs, the elderly, those wearing a Crown Of Glory… God Bless…

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

...Even To Your Old Age...

Isaiah 46:4
...even to your old age I am He, and even to gray hairs will I carry you. I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you...

Recently, over a period of about a week or so, I had an opportunity to spend time with some of the most beautiful people on the earth, the elders of the church, men and women who have earned the right to wear a crown of silver, gray, gold, and white... Those who have taught us how to pray, what it means to be both modest and moderate yet still beautiful, and most importantly, what it means to be holy…

(Memories Are Valuable)
It is important that we all take time to speak to, visit with, and learn from those who have gone before us, those who have blazed the trails by which we traverse these roads of life today. Hearing the stories of old is truly a treat; however, more than that, the testimonies and experiences of other believers, especially those with the “gray hair,” can help us overcome the many obstacles that come at us in our lives. As we know, the Word of God tells us in the book of Revelations chapter twelve, verse 11, that the accuser is overcome, by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony; therefore, it is only logical that we, as believers, should wish to spend at least some small amount of time with those who have the wisdom and knowledge to guide us through this life of troubles, snares, strife, and calamity… 

Sitting there quietly, I listened to a beautiful trio of women, each one wearing a crown of gray and white wisdom also known as hair, speaking to one another and reminiscing about the magnificent miracles, and powerful services they’ve witnessed throughout the years, I could not help but be touched by their passion for God their love for one another. As the minutes began to turn into hours, it was clear to see the dedication shown to the Lord by each one of these glorious women had only drawn them closer together while each one expounded on how their observance of the ordinances of God had equaled long life for each of them. Throughout the entirety of their combined 150 years of service and adherence to the Kingdom of God these women have shared together, these wonderful women have seen many changes and trends; however, they all said one thing has always remained the same, God’s Faithfulness to His people. As it states in Psalms 37, verse 25, I have been young, and now I am old; yet, I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His people begging bread, for our God is Mighty, and He is Faithful…

(Joy Of The 
The small group of women boasted in God, how He had healed them, and moved on their behalf in the past while also sharing many stories of His Grace, Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness. The entire experience was truly heart warming and encouraging. Hearing them, I felt empowered, strengthened in my faith, and determined to share with you all just a part of what I had felt that day in an effort to show you just how rewarding it can be to spend just a little time with those who have been the trailblazers of the past. As I imagined being able to witness just a few of the miracles and testimonies discussed on that Tuesday afternoon, I thought to myself, “what an amazing time it must’ve been.” Preciously, and with love, each of the women spoke in turn, describing their several years of marriage bliss, including the hard work, long nights, and loving support it takes to honor the words, “till, death do us part.”  Although we as a people generally view “life as being for the young,” I learned that day, that those who have gone before us have paved the roads that we now walk…

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Go ye into the world...

(Preparing for Bible Study)
The Lord our God has given us a very simple commandment; love God, and love one another. Although it would seem that these simple guidelines are easy to adhere to, in this current environment of terror and fear, this fallen world, it appears that love is nowhere to be found. But, and there is always a but, this could not be further from the truth, all one must do is take a look around, and you will see love abounds amongst us all...

As a young man, I fought a battle within myself, a battle that would determine if I would serve the Lord, or live for the devil; embarrassingly, for many years, I chose to live for the devil, until I came to myself, and gave my life to God. Unfortunately, it wasn't long after I had dived head first into the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ that I was attacked by minions of evil. My health had begun to decline, and depression set in, But God; yes, God came through, and I was healed, and from that point I decided that I was going to reach the entire world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ...

Now, this brings us to where we are now, in my efforts to reach the world with the Gospel, I have
(Baptism Ceremony)
come across a few barriers; however, these barriers have been easily overcome by the Power of the Holy Ghost, modern technology, and good old fashioned determination... But, yes; there is always a but, there is one barrier that has been a little more difficult to overcome, and that is the language barrier.

Currently, we are working with a group of new converts who cannot currently read the english language; therefore, it is necessary for us to provide these wonderful men, women, and children of God with a Bible that they can read, study, and enjoy on a regular basis, and that language is Urdu.
Urdu has been described to me as the most beautiful language in the world, and it is primarily spoken in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and portions of India, and it is the language of a group of people whom I love.

Although these individuals are miles away from my home here in Austin, TX, USA, they are my neighbors, they are your neighbors, and it is our duty to help them grow closer to God, as they grow closer to us all within the family and the body of Christ...
(Returning from Baptism Ceremony)

So, I am asking you to please join with me in reaching these wonderful people with the Gospel by purchasing a Bible for the low, low, extra low, price of only $6.00 each, that is it, and as the Bible teaches us, whoever converts the lost from the error of their ways shall save a soul from death and sin... (James 5:20)

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PromiseLand Church
The Acts 2:38 Experience

Friday, July 7, 2017



(Austin, TX)
The sun rises in the East and sets in the West; and as we all know, after every storm appears God’s promise, the rainbow. All men are born of a woman, and eventually all men will die just as every promise found in God's Word truly does comes to pass. In this hour, we have reached the time, as prophesied, when many people have turned away from the Faith; instead, they stand by foolishly seeking their own pleasures. Currently, there are signs all around us; however, these are not the signs of impending doom as some may say, rather they are the Joyous signs of the return of Jesus Christ our Lord. Now, why in such a time as this, when wars, rumors of wars, and misses are flying all around us would an individual choose to leave the church of truth in search of false doctrines that are only pleasing to the ear yet hurtful to the soul? More frightening than that, many have chosen to leave God altogether.

I Timothy 4:1-2,6,9-12,14-16
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron...

(Bishop Kenneth Phillips)
Today, the Ministers of the Lord are charged with delivering the very important truths of this hour contained within the pages of the Holy Scriptures; although, they are very simply displayed, these truths somehow seem difficult for many of us to grasp. So, what are these so called truths, and why can we not understand them? Well, the Bible tells us that there will be some, who by way of there on choices, do not wish to turn from their wicked ways, while others still shall be blinded by their own greed and selfishness. No matter the reasons, it is of the utmost importance that some attempt be made to share with the world, these basic realities as follows: One, there is indeed an evil one, and he is called by many names, Satan, Lucifer, beelzebub, and the devil, just to name a few. Two, he is indeed a strong man, and the prince of this world. Finally, we must understand that his filled with jealousy and hatred, his only job and desire is to steal, kill, and destroy the children of the Most High God; thereby, forcing them to face his own fate, an eternity separated from our Holy God, tormented in the fiery pits of hell.

(Holy Bible)
Brothers, sisters, men, women, and, children, please remember to test all things against the Word of God, read it for yourself, pray and ask God to give you clarity, and if what is being spoken or presented to you doesn't align itself with the Word of God, flee from it quickly so as to prevent yourself from falling. Study the word of God so that you will be proficient, both in understanding, and presentation so that you, nor your loved ones, will become victim of the evil one and his henchmen.

I Timothy 4:6
If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained...

Presently, our churches and Christian organizations are being listed amongst the ranks of the terrorist,
(Mario Murillo)
our children are being instructed that they cannot pray for one another at school or before meals, our ministers and clergy members have been told that they must not to use the name of Jesus during their services and prayers. Not since the days of roman persecution have the men and women of God experienced such open reproach and resentment. The Word of God prophesied that this day would come; therefore, it should be of no surprise. Today, it is more important that ever that we, the men and women of God, be shining examples for our children and others to see. As Christians and parents, we should allow children and new believers to see us worship God openly, they should hear us pray aloud, so that we can be an examples, showing them how to stand firm on God's word, not with frustration, but with purity, love, and a kind and grateful spirit. By doing this, we can encourage them to stay true to the Word of God in this age of peer pressure and immorality.

I Timothy 4:9-12
This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation. For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe. These things command and teach. Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity (love), in spirit, in faith, in purity...

(Gifts from God)
Finally ladies and gentleman, I would like to encourage you to use the gifts God has given you, whether they be physical gifts, such as athleticism, strength, singing, dancing, etc, or spiritual gifts, such as healing, tongues and interpretation, miracles, or any of the others. By using the gifts God has given us, we become examples for those around us to see; prayerfully, when they see us, they begin to see Christ Jesus Himself. As many of you can attest, it is when they begin to see and experience Christ Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will begin to move on them and on the inside of them, and where the Spirit of God is, there is Liberty, Freedom, and Salvation!

I Timothy 4:14-16
Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all. Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee...

As we continue to celebrate this season of Independence here in the United States of America, let us continue to celebrate Jesus, let us continue to celebrate Liberty, and let us be a shining example for all the world to see, so that when they see us, they see the Goodness of God and the Salvation Power that can only be found within our Glorious God... Amen... God Bless...

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Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Day... 2017

Martin Luthor King JR.
Growing up as a kid, I honestly had no idea that there was a "difference" between myself and any of the other kids I went to school with... Black, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, or otherwise. As a child, I was raised to believe that there was no difference at all, actually, it was not until middle school, after a kid called me the "n" word, that my mother explained to me that there indeed was a perceived difference, and that there were individuals who considered other people as lower or inferior...

As I think about what today stands for, Martin Luther King Day, I think back to the beginning of time itself... In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God... The Word became Flesh and walked amongst us...

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth, and the Earth was without form and void... In the beginning, God made man in His own image, He created them male and female... and that is it, one mankind, one human race, and in the eyes of the Lord, we are all equal... In His eyes, we are all one, individual parts of a single body...

Today, I declare to you that we are one, you and I, me and you, two individual parts of the same pie, two children of the most high God, this is what I think about today... God Bless...

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