Thursday, October 27, 2016

Problems Part 2... Problems of Life

(How We All Feel Right Now)
Problems, problems, and then more problems; to be completely honest, we all have them… Some big, a few small, and several in between; however, we all that one or two really big issue that seems simply too much to bear. But why is this? Is it the enemy? Is it just a part of our life here on earth? 

And the questions just keep on coming…

For example, why is it that we worry about these problems and situations so darn much? Really; what has happened to our faith? Do we no longer have faith in God or in ourselves, that we have allowed the problems of this world to overcome us? How is it that, we have allowed these issues to outshine, and overshadow our God, how could this be? In our meager existence here on earth, it seems that we have somehow forgotten the Lord our God who brought us out of Egypt, regulating Him to a place in our lives of little to no importance and allowing our worries to take His place in our lives. This simply should not be, for as the Word tells us, from within our hearts, the mouth speaks, (Mat. 12:34) and by speaking of our worries and stress, more than of the Lord our God, we replace Him, which is truly a form of idolatry… making the issues of this world our idols, and the result of this is that souls may be forced to pay the price; eternal separation from the Lord Jesus Christ…

(Worrying Steals our Rest)

So, let’s talk about these “problems” and “worries” that have caused us so much grief; hence forth, we shall refer to them as Egypt, for as we know, Egypt was once a place of bondage, torture and the enslavement of God’s people. Egypt was a place in which the children of God were nothing more than tools, often abused, forced into hard labor, and forced to work to the very precipice of death’s door. Before we can proceed, we must first understand that for each and every one of us, Egypt looks different. For some, Egypt may be a lack of employment, yet for others, Egypt may be financial difficulties, and still for others it may be alcohol or drug abuse. For some individuals, Egypt can be many terrible situations, all rolled up into one; however, in reality, Egypt is nothing more than a mindset, an idea, or set of ideas that work to keep us as individuals, trapped, forcing the individual to act in ways not pleasing to God. 
Over the many thousands of years that Egypt has been a nation, she has been conquered, she has been infiltrated by her enemies, and she has even faced civil war, and although she remains a great nation even until this day, the face of the nation of Egypt has been changed, and just has the nation of Egypt has been molded and transformed throughout the years, the Egypt in our own lives shall evolve, change, multiply, and fall.
(Pack Up and Leave Egypt Behind)

At one point in my own life, I faced my own Egypt, and she was huge… filled with profanity and violence, not the kind you find on television shows and in the movies, but the real deal five to life in prison stuff, the types of story that you read about but you just couldn't imagine anyone acting that way stuff, and I felt as though I was trapped, in a lifestyle in which there are usually only two ways out, death or incarceration. After repeated conversations with my mom, my dad, and a good friend by the name of Tom, I decided to try this Jesus thing out, and so I asked God to reveal Himself to me... I prayed to the Lord and said, "God if you are real, and if you care about me like they said, show Yourself to me, act on my behalf, remove me from the terrible situation I have found myself in, free me from the Egyptian slave masters,” and He did, it was not quick, nor was it easy, but it was truly wonderful…

Matthew 9:29,30
Then touched He their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. And their eyes were opened...

(Some Days, We Just Want to Explode)
You see, in that moment, I asked Christ Jesus to remove the scales from my eyes: I asked Him to allow me to see the signs and the evidence that He truly cared; and you know what, He did just that. When Jesus revealed Himself to me, and when I could finally see the truth, it became so obvious to me that I had been living a lie, and for the first time in my life, I began to Glorify God and Praise Him, for who He was, and not for show… For so many of us, we go through the motions, or we do it because that is what we’ve always done, not knowing who God is personally, nor why we praise Him at all. Unfortunately; for so many of us today, the reality is that we do not really want to have a relationship with God, why? Simply stated, we do not wish to submit to God’s authority over our lives, nor do we wish to give Him any of our precious time… we only want our eyes to be opened just enough to see our way around Egypt while not seeing the source of the Light by which we see. Sadly, we don't even really want to leave Egypt, when asked, we say that we do, but just as many of the Israelites wished to return to the “safety and security” of provided by the Pharaoh and his bench men, we also choose not to follow God, preferring the easiness of this world over the narrow path that leads to God… We instead make our own god, and by doing so, we unwittingly make the prince of Egypt, the prince of this world, our God, turning ourselves over to the dark side, the darkness, and the one by whom the scales had been placed over our eyes to begin with… How sad…

(Jesus will Come to You)
So, finally, we have arrived here at the end of our short journey together, and before I go, I’d like to share with you the fact that I’m speaking to some of you today who for one reason or another just can't seem to “get it together.” I am speaking to those who are fighting “the battle of the flesh” daily, and I am speaking to those who are not really sure what’s going on, but you know “that something has got to change.” I am speaking to you today so that you know that God is real, and if you ask Him to reveal Himself to you, He will do it. Now, this is really easy to do, just talk to the Lord, and share with Him the reason that you've come to seeking Him… For example: “Dear Lord, I have come to you today because I need a healing, and I would like for you to heal me today, in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen” or perhaps you need the chains of this world to be broken off, because instead of honoring God and following after Jesus Christ, you run right to Egypt… Really and truly, it does not matter what the need is, just give it to the Lord, pray to Him and ask Him to remove that thing from your life, ask Him to show you that He is real, and ask Him to be your guide, and I can assure you that just as God did it for me He will do it for you…

Please, do not be afraid and do not put this off until another day, because one day, we may find that the gates of Egypt have become the gates of hell, and the way back is no where to be found… This, my friend, is real life, and we only have this one chance to get it right... So be careful, choose life, and choose CHRIST... God Bless... Amen

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