Thursday, August 3, 2017

Go ye into the world...

(Preparing for Bible Study)
The Lord our God has given us a very simple commandment; love God, and love one another. Although it would seem that these simple guidelines are easy to adhere to, in this current environment of terror and fear, this fallen world, it appears that love is nowhere to be found. But, and there is always a but, this could not be further from the truth, all one must do is take a look around, and you will see love abounds amongst us all...

As a young man, I fought a battle within myself, a battle that would determine if I would serve the Lord, or live for the devil; embarrassingly, for many years, I chose to live for the devil, until I came to myself, and gave my life to God. Unfortunately, it wasn't long after I had dived head first into the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ that I was attacked by minions of evil. My health had begun to decline, and depression set in, But God; yes, God came through, and I was healed, and from that point I decided that I was going to reach the entire world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ...

Now, this brings us to where we are now, in my efforts to reach the world with the Gospel, I have
(Baptism Ceremony)
come across a few barriers; however, these barriers have been easily overcome by the Power of the Holy Ghost, modern technology, and good old fashioned determination... But, yes; there is always a but, there is one barrier that has been a little more difficult to overcome, and that is the language barrier.

Currently, we are working with a group of new converts who cannot currently read the english language; therefore, it is necessary for us to provide these wonderful men, women, and children of God with a Bible that they can read, study, and enjoy on a regular basis, and that language is Urdu.
Urdu has been described to me as the most beautiful language in the world, and it is primarily spoken in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and portions of India, and it is the language of a group of people whom I love.

Although these individuals are miles away from my home here in Austin, TX, USA, they are my neighbors, they are your neighbors, and it is our duty to help them grow closer to God, as they grow closer to us all within the family and the body of Christ...
(Returning from Baptism Ceremony)

So, I am asking you to please join with me in reaching these wonderful people with the Gospel by purchasing a Bible for the low, low, extra low, price of only $6.00 each, that is it, and as the Bible teaches us, whoever converts the lost from the error of their ways shall save a soul from death and sin... (James 5:20)

If you would like to donate, email me here... or donate by using PayPal... The PayPal ID is

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