Friday, May 7, 2021

Mama, Please Forgive Me!

Mamma, Please forgive me!
By Guest Author, Rev. Edwin Blackman

Please forgive me!

I don’t understand the size and the depth of the gap in which you stand

Please believe me

I’ll always be your number one fan

It’s no denying

Things I put you through

But like a mother

You were there through and through 

There’s no understanding 

The sacrifices you made for us 

I’m only trying 

To rectify the pain you felt because of us

It’s so demanding

The fact that I know you are crying 

Please know this is truth I’m not even lying 

The sacrifice you had to make

From day to day

Somehow you made a way 

You always saved the day

I can see it

The pain you must have gone through

To raise these seven that didn’t alway appreciate you

Please forgive us

For what I put you through 

I can only wonder

If my kids will treat me the way I treated you

The lonely nights I watched you pray

By your beside so deep so emotional so brave

You always laid it

 Before His feet 

Calling out the names of your children 

In strength and not defeat 

I bet you think I don’t remember 

How many times you didn’t eat your dinner 

So that we

Would always have a seat

At the table makes me cry wondering how many times you didn’t eat

So many times did we hear you pray

You’re only desire that God would keep us and make away

You need no reminder 

Of all that was lost

Just like our Savior

You were willing to pay no mater the cost

I understand you

We made you this way

You were once sane

That is until we came

I’m just joking 

But there is some truth in it

We all took something from you

It’s not a negative 

So don’t be shamed 

You did what you had to do

You had to play the game 

Just like Jesus had to play the Jews

I understand Now

Just who you are but often wonder how many times we took it too far

A wonderful Christ fearing mother that’s who you are no wonder we made it this far

When it comes to loving

You are so far ahead of the pack

Just keep Moving and never look back

See you taught me how to believe 

In the good of mankind but not to be deceived by the devils and 

Not everyone has your interest at heart

You taught me this from the very start

You also showed me

How to love one another

And to give hurt feelings sometime

And Let it heal

Is what you would say

I carry it with me from day to day

So now it’s time

To give you your flowers and it must be today

So you can enjoy them forever and a day

I am blessed 

To still have my mother

The day will come that’s my only fear

I love you more each day as God reviles

Just how wonderful 

A person you are

To say the good things about you

Would take a life time just to get started

I don’t have much

But what I do is because of you 

It is due to you 

And always available to you

See to have 

A mother who cares 

Is such a rarity

And I will learn from you until God sets my soul free

I must say it out loud

This is so personal 

But the world needs to see

Just how much my mother means to me!

Happy extremely early Mother’s Day

But truly this is how I feel every day of the year! I love you more than life it’s self. I wanted to express in words just how I felt! May God bless and keep you is my prayer!

Written by my brother, and fellow minister, Edwin Blackman, my first guest author, but not the last...

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