Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Prayer Away

How do you even know that the Bible is real?

Well like a wise man once said, "I know that I know that I know that I know I know, and I thank God that I know!" You see, as a child, I was raised in church, as a teen I began to turn away from God, and I became preoccupied with my own agenda. Although I had my own agenda, consisting of causing trouble and scaring my parents, I was always reminded of the presence of God in my life; unfortunately it was usually when something negative occurred. Living the "street life" there are certain events that come natural, friends get assaulted, gun violence, and I myself had been stabbed. Through the years, I have lost friends to gun violence, drunk driving events, and oddly enough, cancer. Although we knew that we were not exactly living the "God Life" in each of these situations, we would gather as a group and pray; unfortunately, it was only during these times that we called on God, looking back now, I have realized just how important my biblical raising was to the rest of our group.

So, how do I know the Bible is real? How do I know there is a God? Because I know He has answered many prayers time and time again...

Only a few years ago, my older sister was diagnosed with cancer, I can still hear the trembling of my father's voice when he informed me, he said, "son, she's not doing to well, you need to go see her." At that time, I was saddened by the news, and I was very afraid of what might happen, and so I delayed going to see her. Later, my younger brother informed me that my dear sister was not getting any better, and I should go see her soon. Finally, I did go see my sister, and a few days thereafter, she passed away, and I was distraught and heartbroken; unfortunately, there was more bad news, another of my sisters had been diagnosed with cancer. Again, I avoided seeing my sister, I was saddened, horrified, and angry about the situation but one day while at work, I would get the call that would change it all.

On Tuesday morning, while at work, I received a most disturbing phone call, it was my brother, and he said that I needed to come quickly, my sister didn't have much time. Frantically, I sped home, the entire family was there, and hurried into the room as the paramedics were leaving, I heard them say "there's nothing we can do, just make her comfortable, and call us back and we'll pick her up" but I was not ready to accept that, and so I went into a dark room by myself, and prayed. This prayer was not your ordinary morning or evening prayer, it was probably the firs time I've actually prayed with any real emotion, it was an agonizing prayer, a prayer full of tears, it was a prayer of depth and determination, and it was a prayer that God answered. My dear sister did not die that day in December, she lived past Christmas, she lived past her birthday, she lived past New Years Eve and Day, and she Lives past Valentines day, a few days later, she went home to be with The Lord in paradise, and as I look back on that prayer, my Faith in God increases more and more. In order to understand why I believe so strongly, you have to understand what my prayer was that day, and here it is... I prayed that she would live to see all the days that I had mentioned earlier, I prayed that I would have more time to spend with her, and I prayed that I would be able to get to know her in new ways like I had never done before, I did not want her to pass away like my sister Cheryl, without having the time to spend with her, I wanted to be there, and that's exactly what I got.

After returning to work a few days after receiving the phone call early Tuesday morning, I was terminated from the place I had worked for ten years, after filing a complaint with TWC, there was a hearing, and the company was found to have violated my civil rights, and they were instructed to pay my health insurance as well as my wages for the next six months, what this meant, was that I would have time to spend with my sister, and I did not have to worry about any financial issues; therefore, I had time to not only spend with my sister, I took care of her, and I learned so much about her... Answered prayers... That my friend was nothing short of a Miracle, that is why I believe, that is how I know there is a God, that is how I know the Bible is real, a real and true experience with The Lord, and this is only one of the examples of His Faithfulness, there have been so many situations in my life, I could write a book about it, or maybe I will one day, but I know God is real just as much as you know that after the rains come the Rainbow... Listen to me brothers and sisters, God is real, seek Him and you will find Him, call Him and He will answer, lean in Him, and He will hold you up... He is only one Prayer away... God Bless... Amen...

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