Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brotherly love

In today's fast paced environment of fast food and the "I want it now" attitude, we must stop to do more than just smell the roses. The main purpose of my postings on twitter, Facebook, and even here on blogspot is to encourage others to better themselves and become the person that he or she was meant to be. Therefor, I make no attempt to hide my own faults or to place my skeletons in a closet with a lock and key, rather it is my desire to share them and discuss them openly in an effort to encourage others to change as I have.

Recently, on March 11, 2011 to be exact, I was awakened in the early hours of the morning feeling pain and agony that could not be explained;although I tried and tried to go back to sleep, I simply could not. After deciding that sleep was not an option, I grabbed my mobile phone and began reading the morning headlines, and to my horror, I discovered the events that had taken place in Japan. In my spirit, I could feel the pain of countless lives lost, and I could almost hear the voices frying out in fear of the unknown. In an instant, the lives of millions had changed, and the realization that the world would never be the same fell upon me as I began to pray.

The overwhelming need and desire to pray fell upon me all day, as I walked about completing my daily tasks as tears rolled down my face, I was asked why did I care? And I answered "these are human lives and lost souls that can never be reached" all I could do is pray. In 2 John 1:5&6, the Bible tells us that we are to Love one another; loving one another is feeling the pain of a friend losing a loved one, or lending an understanding ear to an individual who simply has too much on their mind and must let it out. To love one another is to purchase an extra two dollar deal at Taco Bell and give it to a homeless person, to love one another is to feel the hurt of an entire nation as everything changes in an instant.

The title of this blog is Brotherly Love; however, it does not simply mean to love your physical brother or family member, it means to love humanity as a whole. Within the last week, there have been earthquakes in Fiji, Chile, the Acension islands, Dominican Republic, and Ethiopia;knowing and understanding that it is impossible to physically or financially render aid to each of these areas, why don't you just send a little prayer? Brotherly love is more than just a title of a blog written by some weird guy, it is an action that has far reaching implications, Love works, Prayer works, and a simple smile can change the destiny of someone going down the wrong path.

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